La Raza Unida Party 
50th Anniversary
Pasando la torcha!
ABOVE: Mario Compean at a house meeting in Uvalde, Texas when he was running for Governor in 1978 under the banner of La Raza Unida Party
LEFT: Irma Mireles speaking at a rally in Hondo, Texas in 1974.
ABOVE: Candidates from Dimmit County
Rene Renteria Photos from 40th year La Raza Unida Reunion in Austin, Texas

The Plan

The Program

The Purpose


Past reunions and get
togethers of activists

Brief History of LRUP

List of Raza Unida 
Candiates from 1970 forward (working)

Oral Histories on LRUP

Where are they now?

Memorial of LRUP

Passing the torch


ABOVE: Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrrez speaking to an interviewer.
ABOVE: Poster when Ramsey Muniz ran in 1972
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