La Raza Unida Party Reunion
July 6th and 7th, 2012
Austin, Texas
The Candidates Who Ran During the Years of La Raza Unida in Texas. Note: Some candidates ran under the banner of La Raza Unida Party. Others ran with the support of a local Raza Unida group. In those elections that were non-partisan such as school board or city counicl, candidates did not run under the banner of La Raza Unida.

Zavala County

April 4th Elections

Jose Angel Gutierrez Crystal City School Board

Arturo Gonzales        Crystal City School Board

Mike Perez       Crystal City School Board

April 7th, 1970  Election

Ventura Gonzalez     Crystal City Council

Pablo Puente    Crystal City Council

November Elections

Julian Salas      Zavala County Judge

Carmen Flores  Zavala County Treasurer

Isaac Juarez     Zavala County Clerk

Ramon de la Fuente         Zavala Co. Comm. Prec. # 2

Esteban Najera        Zavala Co. Comm. Prec. # 4

Jose Serna       Zavala Co. Comm. Precinct     # 3

Manuel Palacios       Justice of the Peace Precinct  # 2

Pedro Contreras       Justice of the Peace Precinct  # 3

La Salle County

April Elections

Alfredo Zamora, Jr.          Mayor of Cotulla

Enrique Jimenez       City Council

George Carpenter, Sr.       City Council

Alfredo Ramirez        City Council

Reynaldo Garcia       School Board

Rogelio Maldonado           School Board

November Elections

Raul Rodriguez  County Commission Prct. # 3
(Ran a write-in campaign and won)

Dimmit County

April Elections

Rufino Cabello  Mayor Carrizo Springs

Jesus Rodriguez       City Council

Hidalgo County

Alex Medrano and he lost


Zavala County

School board elections held on April 3, 1971

Rudy Palomo    School Board

Eddie Treviño    School Board

City Council elections held on April 6, 1971

Jose Talamantez       City Council

Roberto Gamez         City Council

Frank Benevides       City Council


Zavala County

School board Elections held on April 1, 1972

Jose Mata  School Board

Alberto Sanchez        School Board

City Council Elections held on April 4, 1972

Ventura Gonzalez     City Council

Pablo Puente    City Council

General Election in November

Ray PerezCounty Judge

Jose SernaSheriff

Elena DiazCounty Comm Pct 3  

Rudy Espinoza, Jr.  JP Precinct #  2  

Moses Garcia   JP  Precinct # 3

A.G. Bermea    County Tax Assessor

Juan Guzman   County Com  Pct 1  

Hector Mata      Constable Pct 1 

Antonio Rios     Constable  Pct  4  

General Election

Flores Amaya    United States Senate

Alma Canales    Lt. Governor

Fred  Garza, Jr. Rail Road Commissioner

Ramsey Muñiz  Governor

Ruben Solis, Jr.State Treasurer

Guadalupe Youngblood was the Raza Unida Chairman in Nueces County 72-73


Zavala County

Crystal  City Council  Elections held April 3, 1973

Ramon “Monche” Mata     City Council

Jose D. Cuevas         City Council

Richard Diaz             City Council

Crystal City School Board Elections held on April 7, 1973

Ernesto Olguin          School Board

Viviana Santiago       School Board

Ramon Garza           School Board

Hays County

Hector Chavana         San Marcos City Council
 Place # 6

Daniel De Leon  City Marshall

Andres Gamez  City Council

Geronimo FloresSchool Board  Place # 1

Phil WatersSchool Board  Place # 2

Caldwell County

Bernardo Rangel        City Commissioner Place 4

David Serrato     City Commissioner Place 4

 Jim Hogg County

Juan Cantu        Hebbronville ISD  Pct. # 4

Andres Hinojosa was the LRUP Chair in Jim Hogg County

Armando Cavada was the Nueces County Raza Unida Chairman 73-74. 1973.

Enrique Salazar was the Raza Unida Chairman in Cameron County 73-74


Travis County

Raymond Donley Jr. County Commissioner.  Pre  # 4

Oralia Cole State Representative

Armando Gutierrez    State Representative  37  Pl 4

Juan Hipolito      Treasurer

Paz Peña  State Representative   37 Pl 1

Jose Torres       County School Superintendent    

Harris County

Maria Jimenez  State Representative District # 87  

Victor Vega      State Representative District # 97  

Ruben Rabago  State Representative Disrict # 79  

Tatcho Mindiola RUP County Chairman

Zavala County

Crystal City School Board Elections

Raul T. Flores    School Board

Mercedes “Chachi” Casarez      School Board

Crystal  City Council  Elections 

Lupe Cortinas    City Council

Arturo Gonzalez        City Council

Primary Election

Jose Angel Gutierrez County Judge

Manual Espinoza, Jr. County Judge

Virginia MusquizCounty Clerk

Carmen Flores   County Treasurer

Rosa Mata District Clerk

Hortencia TreviñoCounty Comm Pct. 2

Jose TalamantezCounty Comm Pct 2 

Benito Perez     JP Pct. 2

Esteban Najera County Comm Pct 4

Rosa Quijano    JP Pct 4

Irene Morales    JP Pct 1

Jose Luis Balderas    Precint Chair  # 3

Rudy Espinoza  Precinct Chair # 5

Elpidio Lizcano  Precinct Chair # 6

Eliseo Solis      Precinct Chair # 7

General Election

Jose Angel Gutierrez County Judge

Viginira MusquizCounty Clerk

Carmen Flores  County Treasurer

Esteban Najera County Comm Pct 4

Irene Cuellar Morales JP  Precinct # 1

Statewide General Election 

Ruben Rabago   State Representative District # 79

Victor VegaState Representative District # 97

Maria  Jimenez  State Representative District # 87

Fred Garza, Jr. Rail Road Commissioner

Ramsey Muniz  Governor

NOTE: Mr. Cisneros ran for Justice of the Peace with La Raza Unida Party in El Paso County in 1974. More information is forthcoming

Irma Mireles is the Raza Unida County Chairperson in Bexar County in 1974-1976


Zavala County

Crystal City School Board Elections held on April 5th, 1975

Abelardo Marquez     School Board

Jose Luis Balderas    School Board

Crystal  City Council  Elections 

Jose D. Cuevas City Council

Eugenio “Gene” Ruiz  City Council

Ambrosio Melendrez City Council


Travis County

Paul Velez Travis County Chairman

Emilio  Zamora  Travis County Chairman

General Election

Fred Garza, Jr. Rail Road Commissioner

Harris County

General Election

Carmen Zapata  County Chair

Idefonso Ruiz     Constable Precinct # 6

Eduardo Canales       State Representative District # 87

Zavala County

Crystal City School Board Elections

Ernesto Olguin  School Board

Jose O. Mata    School Board

Jesus Salas      School Board

Crystal  City Council  Elections 

Olivia Serna      City Council

Pablo Puente    City Council

Primary Elections  May 1, 1976

Crispin Treviño   Sheriff

Elena Diaz        County Commissioner   

November General Elections

Crispin Treviño   Sheriff

Richard Diaz     County Tax Assessor

Francisco Prado, Jr.  County Commissioner
 Precinct # 1

Ventura Goznalez     Constable Precinct # 2

Elena Diaz        County Commissioner
Precinct # 3

Jesse Gamez    County Commissioner
Precinct # 3  

Gregoria Delgado       JP Precinct  # 4

Guadalupe C. Mata   Constable Precinct # 1

Pablo AvilaCounty Attorney


Crystal City School Board Elections

Victor Castillo   School Board

Juan Guzman    School Board

Crystal  City Council  Elections  (April 2, 1977)

Jose D. Cuevas City Council

Hilario B. Lozano      City Council

Olivia Serna       City Council



Mario Compean Governor

Luis Diaz De Leon     U.S. Senate

Harris County

General Election

Daniel Bustamante    State Representative 
District # 79

Zavala County

Crystal City School Board Elections

Esmeralda R. Torres School Board

Jose D. Cuevas School Board

Crystal City Council Elections

Victor Lopez     City Council

Luis R. Avila      City Council

Primary Elections

Jose Angel Gutierrez County Judge

Esteban Najera County Commissioner
Precinct # 4

Alejandro PerezCounty Commissioner
Precinct # 4

Jose L. Talamantez   County Commissioner
 Precinct # 2

Margarita  Gonzalez  District Clerk

Diana Palacios Garcia       County Clerk

November General Election in Zavala County

Jose Angel Gutierrez County Judge

Alejandro PerezCounty Commissioner
Precinct # 4

Mrgarita Gonzalez     District Clerk

Diana Palacios Garcia      County Clerk

Carmen Flores  County Treasurer

Jose Talamantez      County Commissioner
Precinct # 2

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