September  2022 
The Plan
The current discussion about having a 50th year Anniversary/Reunion of La Raza Unida Party is slowly evolving. While the Raza Unida Party was a reality some 50 years ago, it no longer exists. What does exist is the spirit and need to continue to fight for the rights of Mexican Americans and our place in society. 

When we examine history we see that people who have been marginalized and pushed to the side have always had to struggle for equality and justice. We have seen this in the Jewish community. We have seen this in the struggle of the people of India with Ghandi. And we have seen this among our ancestors in Mexico who participated in numerous struggles over the last 500 years.

It is true, FREEDOM is never FREE. People who have bore the brunt of oppression and injustice have had to be constantly on guard fore it seems there is always someone lurking and looking to take away the things we hold dear to our way of life.

Something else that is very true is that many of us who participated in Raza Unida Party during the 1970s, are ourselves now in our 70s. The reality is that the time has come to pass the torch to those who are willing and able to continue the fight when injustices appear and move the people forward into the 21st century. 

When many of us got into the movimiento we were young. Some of us were teenagers. And while we might not have been able to articulate what were some of the problems we faced back then, we saw the consequences of our difficult times. Are young people the key to keeping the spirit alive? 

A Texas Statewide Planning Committee is being developed and those wishing to serve on this committee should contact Dr. Paul Ruiz at (210) 501-9929. Dr. Ruiz, is a retired educator who spent many years living in Michigan and asks that people from around the state of Texas to contact him about putting this event together. He is based in San Antonio, Texas

Luz Bazan will be serving as the chair-person of the national event. She is based in the state of Washington and served as the Mistress of Ceremonies at the 40th Year Raza Unida Reunion in Austin, Texas in 2012. 

Among the items a planning committee will have to discuss are:

The Program
Guest Speakers
Media Coverage
Expected Outcomes

La Raza Unida Party 
50th Anniversary
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